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Below, you will find information about upcoming concerts, and also how to book the choir for your own event.

Do you want to book the choir? 

Throughout the year, Sølvguttene does approximately 150 performances; big concerts in churces and concert halls, participation with other artists, art- and TV-productions. 

In addition to this, the choir performs in smaller events such as weddings, funerals and private and corporate events.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a chat about your arrangement, and information about our prices.

If you want to book the entire choir or parts of Sølvguttene for your event or project - send us an e-mail at booking@solvguttene.no

The boys' choir Sølvguttene consists of several different units that perform together and separately

The main choir

Is the essence of Sølvguttenes fame, and is the choir known throughout Norway from Christmas TV-programs and concerts. The main choir is a four-part choir consisting of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.

The soloist group

Made up of the leading boy sopranos in the main choir. The group is in demand at a number of different public and private events. Common areas of use are smaller parties, weddings and funerals.

The youth group VoiceOver

The youth group VoiceOver consists of boy singers who have changed their voices. The group performs music in several different genres and are popular entertainers with a twinkle in their eyes! The youth group is also a recruitment choir for the male singers.

The male singers

The male singers make up the tenor and bass singers in the main choir, and are all former boy singers. The men are thus central to the concert choir, but also perform on their own with a varied male choir repertoire.

The male choir Marienlüst

Group of young men from the main choir who make smaller appearances throughout the year. The group sings traditional male choir songs - music that is suitable on festive occasions!

Individual boy soloists

Boys' voices of alto and sopranos. Individual soloists are often used for "boy roles" at opera performances, solo singing with the concert choir and solo assignments.

Copyright: NRK
Copyright: NRK

Sølvguttene and our traditional TV-show on Christmas Eve

As the boys' choir of the Norwegian Broadcasting, Sølvguttene has performed at NRK1 on Christmas Eve since 1966. By clicking on the links here, you can see the choir through several of these years.

The choir has also participated in a number of different projects

Copyright: NRK
Copyright: NRK

Sølvguttene behind the sailor suits

Documentary about Sølvguttene from 2015 on the occasion of our 75th anniversary.

Nobels Peace Prize Concert in 2008 with Diana Ross

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